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4 months ago.
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How to Balance #05 – Turning

Turning on the bar.

Turning time! So, if you want to really hammer into your system a good turn, you have to do it slow, not missing any part of the turn at all.

Things to consider: - Your arms are going to be doing a lot of the balancing work and should transition from your sides to the front, to the sides again.

  • Knees are bent and you should have maximum contraction in your quads, hamstrings and glutes. This will stabilise you.
  • The BALLS of the foot (just behind the toes) are the pivot point. Imagine you are turning on a penny. You don't allow the bar to slip into the middle of the foot. This is because you will lack any ability to control the turn and balancing will much harder.
  • Make sure both feet start facing the same direction, both feet turn simultaneously, and both feet finish facing the opposite direction at the same time. This will take a little while to master, but it will definitely enable you to move with more confidence and control.

If you feel that you're moving fast, skipping a foot placement or are just wobbly, it's a sign you're not in control.

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