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7 months ago.
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How to Cat Pass #09 – Split Foot Running

Split foot Cat-Pass Progression 4.

Time to throw in that last step. The third step will now really help get you over the wall with all the momentum, as long as you get the foot positioning right.

  1. If you find it too hard to get the right foot placements, go back to 1 or 2 step progressions and repeat. Only do this one if you feel super confident with the staggering of the feet.

  2. Giving yourself enough distance will be the tricky part. Make sure you take bigger steps back than normal to compensate for the speed going forwards.

  3. Both sides, as always!

  4. Soon we will be able to run into the Cat-Pass very effectively, so repeat this as much as possible to get the mechanics right!

As always, train hard and have fun!

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