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How to Climbup #02 – Foot Position

Climbup Foot Position.

One of the main problems that people struggle with on climbups is the foot position. The main trouble is that whenever you try to pull on the arms and bring your body even slightly towards the wall, there is too much weight above the foot and not enough traction to keep position... Which inevitably leads to you not being able to keep the foot on the wall and it slips down.

  1. First things first, experiment with the foot position and place it at a height that your bodyweight is pushing it into the wall without the need for you to have to use your hip flexors / abs to flight it from slipping down. If you feel like the top foot would slip down if you wasn't focusing on it, then it needs to be higher. It should be comfortable.

  2. Mobility will be an issue here. Your knee needs to be pointing upwards. If you can't get your foot infront of your body on the wall, then you need to work the squat position and mobility of your hips.

  3. The second foot will be lower than the first and is used to drive the knee up and give momentum to drive upwards. It also is used to stop you from falling backwards when the first foot is too high. (See the cat leap series of videos!)

  4. Always practice both legs and sides!

Enjoy the climbup series!

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