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How to Climbup #04 – Overgrip Negatives

Climbups - Overgrip Negatives.

Without getting into the pulling action yet, you should always practice technique and mechanics first to make sure you do the action correctly. So, today we will do the climbup in reverse as what we call a negative.

Do it in stages. Make sure you go to your belly first, bring both elbows back at the same time, then slowly let yourself down.

  1. The negative allows us to just try and resist gravity and not have to focus on the power of the pulling chain yet. However, you should make sure that you control the entire way down and should have NO dropping or fast parts. The hardest section will be the transition from a push to a pull (when the elbow reaches horizontally). You'll feel stress on the elbow.

  2. Make sure the foot has traction when you come down. Bend the knees and keep the feet as high as possible at all times!

  3. Your trajectory should be ?straight down. You should not go backwards and away from the wall. This is where you'll come off if the hands cannot take the strain.

  4. Go slow, take your time. Keep repeating. Even if this is hardly, don't worry, I'll have more alternatives to help later!

Warning ⚠⚠Beware of the dreaded drop! Don't let yourself just drop into a full arm hang. This usually means you'll be 'hanging' on your tendons and not using the muscles to slow you. The can cause shoulder issues, so go slow!

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