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7 months ago.
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How to Climbup #10 – Negatives + Pull

Climbups - Negatives + Pull.

⛔? We are going to try and incorporate a pulling motion today. This will start to get us used to pulling correctly with both arms working together and using the leg too.

  1. The negatives would have burnt into your system the need for going down with both arms at the same time and make your brain send signals to your arms to work in parallel. With the negative done, we now reverse the action with a pull, trying to do the same route as the negative.

  2. Don't worry about not pulling the whole way! Remember that you can use a slope if need be. This will help with the whole process.

  3. Try to reverse the negative exactly. So try to get your belly on top of the wall on the way down AND up.

  4. Remember to practice steeping up with both legs! Try the weakest side first and see how it goes...

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