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How to Pullup #23 – Example 4

So this one is a little different from the strength training we've been doing. Instead, we're going to change our goal to some muscular endurance.

What is muscular endurance? Well, it's more focused on the amount of time your muscles can keep going doing a particular thing.

To clarify, regular 'endurance' is what most people think as 'cardiovascular endurance'. Which is focused on your 'cardio' systems of oxygen, blood, and organs.


As always, make sure you do your joint mobility and general warmup. Using the bicep/tricep openers and route work would be a great way to start.

The specific warm-up will be:

2 sets of 4 reps of an easy progression for you. You should know by now what that could be.

Work sets with More reps and less weight

We are going to up the amount of volume (sets reps weight), but lowering the intensity, you will be doing for this program.

5 sets of 8-10 reps of a weight you can do 8-10 reps of.

Limiting Rest

Because we are now focusing on how long the muscles can go one for more, we are going to stop them from recovering completely. Therefore the amount of rest you have between each set will be 3-4 minutes.

Lactic Acid

That heavy, thick feeling in your muscle that stops you from pulling any more is a buildup of lactate and the acidity of your muscle cells.

For more information, check out this short, but interesting article:

The benefits

So why do this type of training? Muscular endurance is a fundamental training method to become more functional and more 'endurant'.

When you need to do parkour for one reason or another, muscular endurance training would have made that move second nature to your body. That's why we do rep, after rep, after rep. Build up that muscle memory and endurance.

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