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2 years ago.
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How to Turn Vault #05 – Two Foot Landing

Two Foot Landing

Absolutely essential thing to nail today... Trying to land both feet exactly the same time.

  1. Listen to the sound your feet make. If you hear a tac-tac, you know one foot is landing one before the other! (You can actually hear the single 'tac' that my feet make when I land in the video)

  2. Ensure you P.L.E.A.S.E.! (Do both sides!). 3⃣As more elements are introduced, just focus on the one thing we are doing. Don't worry too much about the other bits, that'll come!

At the end of the series, I'll show you WHY it's absolutely essential to do this right... I've filmed myself messing up, and thing would have gone very wrong if I hadn't landed two feet together. That'll be the last video in the series, so don't worry about it yet, but make sure you really, really get this down because it's your lifeline!

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