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How to Pullup #07 – Beginner 4

Changing the angle of your body with your feet touching the floor is also an easy way to make the pulling action easier or harder.

Having some gymnastics rings available will make this exercise much easier, but can equally be performed outside, under a railing too.

Body Angle

By changing the angle of your body, with your feet on the floor, allows you to increase the amount of bodyweight you are placing onto your arms and rings.

The harder you want to make the exercise, the more you should be level with the floor.

Mathematically working out the exact load of the exercise is going to be difficult because of the angle of your body, the angle of the rings, bodyweight, etc... would have to be calculated to get an accurate measurement. This makes gauging progress a little more tricky.

Body Position

As straight as an arrow. No bending at the hips, spine, knees or anything else.

You'll find you will need to squeeze those glutes together, as well as your quads and abs. Actually, pretty much everything in your body will be contracted as hard as they can...

Pulling Angle

One of the parts of this exercise that is slightly different is that you will be pulling forward, not upwards.

This may seem like a minor detail, but it means that your major joints are in a different position and the muscles that are being used to pull are slightly different too.

It's still a great pulling-action training method, but I would suggest that the ring rows be used in conjunction with another exercise that works the correct technique and mechanics like the banded-pullup.


Getting all of those little stabilising muscles to do some work by keeping the rings still will work wonders for you.

You are essentially getting more muscles involved and therefore they are are getting some training in and will become stronger over time.


Head over to the prerequisite episode for a list of links to reputable sources of gymnastics rings.

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