Pullups in Depth
11 months ago.
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How to Pullup #26 – Example 7

Fear! One of my favourite things to train in Parkour. It's an attribute that is very rarely practised anywhere else but understanding it will help you to push those boundaries and build a healthy relationship with fear.

It is essential to understand that training fear DOES NOT mean dangerous. It comes in a lot of forms, many of which are good for you to train with.

What are we trying to do

In this scenario, the idea is to get over the fear of potential goals and objectives. If you are heading to your training session without an element of worry or fear, it's a good indication that you are not reaching your potential and pushing your boundaries.

Have a go at setting a ridiculous goal for yourself and see if you can reach it. It doesn't matter if you can or not, the idea is to get over the worry of trying it.

The essence of Challenge

Building up that love of challenge and overcoming your fear is arguably what Parkour is all about. Once you are able to do something, the next step is to set a new challenge which brings the fear in again.

Funnily enough, parkour practitioners spend most of their time in the 'fear state' because they're always trying to overcome their challenges. They build a healthy relationship with it and try to understand it so it's easier to defeat. This is how we progress.

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