Step Vault Tips
3 years ago.
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How to Step Vault #1 – Introduction

The step vault, or safety vault, is one of the most used techniques within parkour. The purpose is to allow maximum confidence overcoming an obstacle safely and securely.

It is usually the vault that is taught first to beginners because it's pretty simple to understand, however the details of this particular vault are hugely under appreciated. There are many parts of the step vault that are regularly missed out on and will actually hinder the user, rather than help them.

Try to take the vault slowly to begin with, trying to fully understand exactly what your body is doing and why.

Remember, as always, to try both sides - left and right hand.

The key is control and security, so the more confidence you feel with this vault, the better. Very advanced practitioners will also utilise this vault, especially when they're feeling uncomfortable in the situation, so nailing this down to perfection is in your best interest.

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