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3 years ago.
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How to Step Vault #7 – Foot First

Once the step vault is feeling comfortable and you are happy overcoming any wall or obstacle with it, we actually change the technique completely.

When bringing in a much higher entry force (from a jump, downwards trajectory or running speeds) we actually need the bigger muscle groups to take the impact first.

This means the FOOT needs to land on the wall and allow the leg muscles (Hip flexors, Quads, Calves, Hamstrings and Glutes) to absorb the impact first, then slow your speed enough for you to place your hand on the wall to control your body position into the step vault.

This takes a lot more practice and is a more advanced vaulting technique since it's rare that this amount of force is directed into a step vault.

However, it's a useful tool and you should make sure you're comfortable leading with your feet first, since many other vaults and techniques rely on this.

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