Step Vault Tips
3 years ago.
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How to Step Vault #2 – Hand First

When approaching the wall or obstacle, the hand wants to be placed down first. In fact, if you're not comfortable with pushing up with a single arm, use both.

Place both arms onto the box, push your torso off the ground and give yourself enough space to put one foot onto the wall.

We first learn to put hands on first because it gives us more time to control our movement and also limit the amount of impact coming onto the obstacle. You arms will act as speed breaks when coming in with a little momentum, so the amount of force coming in cannot be too much. By place hands first we will limit the amount of force we're comfortable bringing into the movement.

Remember to place the hand far enough along the wall to give your foot space to be placed on too.

Once the hand is on, then place your foot on the wall, using the ball of the foot. Slow, soft and controlled. The equal distribution of body weight between your arm and foot will help you get over the wall easier.

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