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6 months ago.
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How to Cat Leap #06 – Hand Position

Cat-Leap hand position.

A lot of people have asked me in the past how they should hold onto the wall... This should answer those questions! Some students only use the ends of the phalanges and therefore don't get as much grip...

  1. Whole length of fingers on the wall. You may feel a crease in your hand forming. Don't worry, this is good!

  2. Pain. So, unfortunately, the only way to make your hands tougher and more resilient is to take the pain, soreness and ripping of the skin. This way the skin grows back thicker and harder.

  3. Don't use gloves. A fundamental reason for Parkour is to be able to use it at any time, in any situation. Parkour is about making you a more functional human being. If you can't do a cat leap without the aid of gloves, now's the time to start... Otherwise, what happens when you NEED to do that cat leap and don't have your gloves? Also, they're unreliable and can slip/rip. Just put it out of your head to use aids of any kind... It just makes you less functional.

  4. Try staying on the wall for periods of time to get used to the hand soreness.


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