Rail Balancing Tips
3 years ago.
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How to Balance #11 – Squat Without Arms

No Hands Rail Crouch.

Mixing multiple themes today.
With both feet on the rail and no arms to help, all the control of your balance will come from the contraction and release on you quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.

All triggered through the balls of the feet.

  • Try to imagine you are barefoot and your toes are gripping the bar through your shoes.
    This will help to determine if you are too far forwards or backwards on the foot.
  • A lot of strain will be on the knees and the patella tendons.
    Make sure you are warm and have done ample warmup preparation! - Make sure you control both up and down. You should be able to pause at any point, turn, or do whatever you want.
  • Remember to try this on different types of rails and heights too!

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