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3 years ago.
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How to Climbup #06 – Slow Transitions

Climbups - Slow Transitions

Today we'll look at trying to tackle the super tricky part of the climbup where we transition the pulling action into the pushing action.

  1. Make sure you go slllllllllllow. This indicates control of the movement and will highlight any weaker parts of the range of motion.

  2. The weaker parts of the range of motion are the bits that go faster because you can't slow them down. This is where strength training is going to start to play a part. Repetition and conditioning of this drill alone will help to improve the strength and control of it.

  3. The nature of this movement will put strain and tension on your tendons (especially at the elbow). Be careful about this and monitor if they are continually sore afterwards. If they are,then stop the training and focus on strength training first. It means the tendons are becoming inflamed from too much damage and pulling.

  4. Repetition of this drill will also help 'grease the groove's for other movements in Parkour like the 'Muscle Up'.

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