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3 years ago.
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How to Climbup #12 – Overgrip Pull

Climbups - Overgrip Pull!

Today we are just trying to pull without the negative. Using an overgrip and no slope now.

  1. Try to keep close to the wall as much as possible. You shouldn't be going away and then back in again. This is an indication that you're not using your arms enough to keep you towards the wall.

  2. Don't worry if you can't do this yet, there are plenty of progressions we've gone through that will help you.

  3. ABSOLUTELY make sure both elbows are going up together. Remember correctly technique trumps EVERYTHING ELSE. It's better to not be able to get on than do it badly. We will be working strength exercises at some point, so don't worry. Just focus on technique!

  4. Remember to keep that foot high and I've realised that it should be close to level with your hip, which logically makes sense if you want to push towards rather than down.

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