Landing Tips
3 years ago.
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How to Land #10 – Silently


The use of sound as a learning technique is a favourite of mine. By landing quietly, softly and silently you have to practice, practice, practice.
It requires good timing too. You need to start contracting BEFORE you land, and prepare to take the landing by contracting as hard as possible.

The coaching cue I tend to give is that you should try to imagine you are creeping about the house at night like a ninja. Every movement is slow and controlled, with maximum amount of contraction the whole time.

Try change the surface material to make this harder and harder. Try doing it on wood, concrete, metal or one of the hardest is onto a wet curb or low rock with a puddle of water... Try being quiet without slapping the water on landing.

Barefoot is a great way of doing this. Having no foot protection will make you use the correct position every time because you've got nothing protecting you.

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