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3 years ago.
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How to Land #11 – Barefoot


Training barefoot is hugely underrated. Shoes are masking the sensitivity of the feet and softening the environment for you. This makes the foot weaker and less sensitive. Get rid of the 'crutch' of the shoe for a while and practice landing with nothing between you and the landing surface.

You foot is filled with nerves and receptors which you won't be using by padding them with the foam from a shoe. We'll cover shoes in another video, but for now, be aware that the reduced proprioception in the foot makes you less adaptable and weaker.

For continued reading on barefoot running, check out (@chrismcdougallauthor) Chris Mcdougall's 'Born to Run' book. A fantastic read with a few friends of mine in it ? with a chapter about parkour. It explains some interesting points about barefoot running and the history of trainers and how Nike has basically crippled everyone. Essential reading for anyone wanting to know about movement!

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